Sander van Doorn presents Purple Haze – Choir 1.0

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Sander van Doorn drops some vintage progressive sounds with the timeless record “Choir 1.0” under his legendary alias Purple Haze!

A dramatic percussive fill announces the track’s arrival, and immediately the strong melodic content is centre stage, with delicate plucked and digital synthesis arpeggios doing battle with each other and muted chords building a euphoric progression. A bold, pulsing lead lead line cuts through the track to heighten the tension before the arps really let loose. Trance energy filters up for the build, slamming us into gently driving live percussive rhythms, the spine-tingling riffs building and building further.
Yet another synth sound is drafted in for the main break, a vocal choir style synth that gives the track its title and provides a brief respite from the intense musicality of the track. A huge swathe of synths blasts into its way, and after more melodic teasing we’re rewarded with a hugely satisfying drop. No excessive FX and never-ending reverbs: just an impressive variety of strong, rousing melodies ebbing and flowing to varying levels of intensity. Progressive feels in one musical masterpiece!
Artist: Sander van Doorn presents Purple Haze
Track: Choir 1.0
Label: Doorn Records
Release Date: September 04th 2017
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