Sander van Doorn presents Purple Haze – SPECTRVM

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Purple Haze is the name on everyone’s lips right now! With a solid clutch of tracks released from Sander van Doorn’s scintillating project, it’s been causing quite a stir so far and generating huge anticipation for this new album SPECTRVM.
SPECTRVM is a stirring collection of emotive dancefloor moments, with a dramatic, cinematic sense pulsing through it that blends his loves of trance, techno, electro and progressive house is mesmerising fashion.
The long player sees 13 tracks take the stage and conquer fans’ hearts worldwide as they are all dedicated to a sharp, dark and rough sound. It contains the singles Neiloj, Contrast and Choir 1.0 amongst many new awaiting records – taking the Purple Haze sound to exciting new heights!
“I think Purple Haze needs to exist next to Sander Van Doorn” :Sander about his relaunch of Purple Haze. “I need both. They make each other bigger.”
This record is the sound of a producer falling in love with his roots and his creative process all over again. Long may this symbiotic relationship continue if this is what we can expect from it.
Sander van Doorn presents Purple Haze – SPECTRVM is out on October 09th 2017!
Download / Stream your copy here:
Tracklist “SPECTRVM”:
01. Purple Haze – Plum
02. Purple Haze – Fall In
03. Purple Haze – Neiloj
04. Purple Haze – Contrast
05. Purple Haze – Light Me Up
06. Purple Haze – Spectrvm
07. Purple Haze – Out Here
08. Purple Haze – Phaedra
09. Purple Haze – Kill Kitten
10. Purple Haze – Prism (Eyes Wide Open)
11. Sam Sharp – Roundabout (Purple Haze Remix)
12. Purple Haze – Choir 1.0
13. Purple Haze – Historia

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