Sneijder – Without You Here

Here comes Sneijder’s special giveaway as a way to thank you for 2016. Sneijder about “Without here” and 2016: So here we are again, another year drawing to a close, and what a fantastic 12 months it’s been. I have meet so many great people, played so many amazing countries both old and new, all topped off with the usual crazy moments. 2016 seen the launch of my own label “Afterdark” and the support has been incredible from you guys right from the first release. I have signed IMO some great tracks which have went on to gain A-List support across the board and help push the label up there with already established labels in just under 9 months, which I’m really proud of.
The DJ life with its constant touring, studio time and behind the scenes work can be relentless, tiring and lonely at times. Days with no sleep, and sometimes weeks apart from your family spent in hotel rooms and on planes and trains can be mentally tough. I’m certainly not complaining about it as walking into the studio every morning to do what I love is still surreal to me, but these are the hard parts that no one really sees in the industry. It was with this in mind that I have written this track. The melody came to me while on a plane on my way to Argentina in August, fitting really, and had been on my laptop for a few months. Around the same time Rich “Solarstone” had kindly asked me to mix a disc on the new “Pure Trance Vol.5” compilation. After selecting most of the tracks I was to include, I needed a track, which was both soft and tough to use as a crossover track while mixing to maintain the flow. I had this beautiful euphoric melody on my laptop for some time and decided it was the one to use for this very purpose, and ‘Without You Here’ was born. The track has the tough intro and outro elements, which reflect my sound while in the booth as a DJ and mainly as a producer. The break was written with that, missing my family and friends vibe, sad but uplifting at the same time, deep with those euphoric moments, which reflect leaving on tour and the happiness of seeing the ones you love on you’re return.
It was always my intention to give you guys something back at the end of the year as a token of gratitude for all the support for not only myself as an artist but for Afterdark aswell .. So thank you for everything this year.

Artist: Sneijder
Track: Without You Here
Label: Afterdark
Release Date: December 22nd 2016
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