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The end of 2018 comes closer and every autumn has its own soundtrack with the yearly release of Solarstone’s critically acclaimed mix-compilation series “Pure Trance”. Following the expandeded three-disc/mix editions of Volume 5 & 6, Solarstone will invite again two guests to deliver you a magic three mix journey… reflect the beloved “Pure Trance Night” beginning-to end experience.
The release date is set and thery guests are revealed! Expect again a great journey through 50 brilliant & evocative new tracks!
Who will mix Disc 1 of Pure Trance 7? Here are some hints!

  • Loves Champagne
  • California Dreaming
  • Wakes Up For Pizza
  • Looking For Hidden Gems
  • Not A Fan Of Power Mixing
  • Fan Of Caps
  • Pure Lady

    Who will mix Disc 3 of Pure Trance 7? Here are some hints!

  • Middle Name Benjamin
  • Uses Analog Synthesizers
  • Lives In Germany
  • Looking For Hidden Gems
  • Performed At The Loveparade
  • Big James Dean Fan
  • Love Whiskey

    Pure Trance 7 mixed by Solarstone and his Guests Kristina Sky & Lostly will be out on November 09th 2018!
    Pure Trance 7 mixed by Kristina Sky, Solarstone & Lostly