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Orkidia has just released the remix edition of his album “20″ – called “20 Ximer” (XIMER is REMIX spelt backwards). Reason enough for us to talk with him. Enjoy the reading! 😉
TranceAttack: First of all, congrats for the release of your new album “20 Ximer”! What’s the idea behind the album?
Orkidia: It’s a remix edition of my album ‘20’ which celebrated my 20 years of DJing. For this remix edition I asked some of my (mainly Finnish) favorite producers to make their versions of my music. Remixing has always been key element in DJ and club culture and it’s nice to see tracks finding a new life and audience through these mixes.
TranceAttack: What has been your personal highlight on “20 Ximer”?
Orkidia: There are too many to choose just one! I’ve been very happy with all the mixes on the album, but Solarstone’s remix of ‘Unity, Something Good remix of ‘Liberation’, Winkee remix of ‘Slowmotion II’ and Beach X remix of ‘Tw3nty’ have been the powerplays on my gigs. Orion & J.Shore remix of ‘Unity’ is magnificent chill out rendition of my debut single.
TranceAttack: There are a lot movements in the music scene which focus back on the roots of the trance scene – like Solarstone’s “Pure Trance” or Armin van Buuren’s “Who’s afraid of 138!?”. How changed your style you prefer to play as deejay over all these years and what do think about these movements?
Orkidia: Genres are always in constant change and that is one key reason why electronicn music scene has kept so vibrant and lively for all these years. So I’m perfectly cool with DJs and artists changing their styles every now and then. I’ve been playing and producing trance and progressive since the early 90s so that is my style but at the same time I’m always absorbing new influences and inspiration from all sorts of genres. My roots are in the original spirit of early 90s trance and I hope you can still hear the influence of that in my music. The Pure Trance movement (and the mix CD with Solarstone) has been great as there seems to be big hunger for something like that.
TranceAttack: Most of 2013 is over. Are you satisfied with this year so far?
Orkidia: This has been amazing year for me. I’ve played around the world more than ever (Ibiza, London, Amsterdam, Moscow, New York, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Kazantip etc), my Orkidea & Friends concept toured Finland’s biggest festivals, Radio Unity podcast is more popular than ever and I released 20 Ximer so I could consider it a great year. 🙂
TranceAttack: What are your plans for the rest of 2013 and the future?
Orkidia: I’m currently working on my next album and have a super good vibe in the studio with the new material that’s coming through. There are some very nice gigs booked already far into the 2014, interesting collabs in studio and I’m doing Orkidea & Friends tour during the spring – so it’s all looking very good!

Orkidea: 20 Ximer

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