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Seventeen years after his first release on the label, Sunny Lax brings fans his debut album, ‘Crystals’.

Levente Márton, known worldwide as Sunny Lax, has been a mainstay on the Anjunabeats roster since making his label debut with ‘P.U.M.A. / Casseopeia’ back in 2006. Over thirty releases later, he delivers his first official LP.

‘Crystals’ marks the pinnacle of a story that began in November 2022 with the release of Sunny’s ‘Emerald EP’. His ‘Ruby’ and ‘Amethyst’ EPs, which followed in early 2023, were the next stages in an expanding and evolving body of work. Now, combined with five new tracks, ‘Crystals’ sees Sunny unify these EPs into a 14-track album.

Levente was born in Romania to Hungarian parents and moved to Dunaharaszti, a small town near Budapest, when he was four. His musical journey began when he was just 13. Levente’s sister worked in the city library and brought home CDs for him to listen to. “There were a lot of artists from different genres,” he explains. He learned how to produce after watching tutorials on free CDs from magazines, and soon spent his spare time perfecting chord progressions and melodies.

Levente wasn’t initially interested in clubbing and didn’t learn to DJ until after his first release in 2006. “Back in those days you had to send CDs to labels in the post,” Márton says. “I sent ‘Cassiopeia’ and ‘P.U.M.A.’ to 9 or 10 different labels, and Anjuna loved them.” Above & Beyond played ‘P.U.M.A.’ four times in a row on their Trance Around The World radio show.

As festival bookings racked up and his career grew, Levente continued to work at his local library, enjoying the stability of his day job alongside the excitement and pace of his life in music. But after releasing his track ‘Enceladus’ in 2015, everything changed. “That’s still my most popular track,” he says. “So many big artists played it at huge events.”

The success of ‘Enceladus’ was unplanned. Levente remembers messing around in his studio, relaxed, happy, and with no intention of producing a hit. “Sometimes when you’re in that state something pure and effortless comes out,” he says. “I think trance is an excellent tool to share emotions,” he says. “I know my productions are my way of channeling my emotions.”

‘Crystals’ is inspired by Levente’s increased spiritual awareness as a result of the pandemic. “Everything is a vibration, and there’s an organizing pattern behind everything,” he says. “Certain crystal structures can elevate and heal, some can impact your mood.”

Sunny Lax explains: “My debut album, ‘Crystals,’ is a musical journey as colorful as the different minerals found in the earth. It’s a collection of distinct musical gems, each with its own unique attributes and energy. I poured my heart, soul, and 20+ years of musical experience into crafting this mix. It’s a tribute to the power of music to heal, uplift, unite, and transport us to different worlds. Through heartwarming melodies, heavy rhythms, and experimental sounds, I invite you to join me on a journey of self-discovery and inspiration. It’s a celebration of the ups and downs of life, of the beauty and challenges we all face, and of the resilience of the human spirit. Let the music take you on a journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

“Chrystals” comes to you in a mixed version and also as unmixed extended track version – a great package!

Sunny Lax` debut artist album “Chrystals” will be out on May 05th 2023!

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