Welcome back, Paul van Dyk!

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Legendary DJ and producer Paul Van Dyk has announced his return to the stage! Three months ago, the German musician had fallen at A State Of Tramce in Utrecht from a six-meter high podium and had personally sustained a concussion and a broken vertebra.
On his facebook page Paul posted a statement: “It’s been 3 months since my life changed in a way I never thought possible; it’s been the most difficult challenge I have ever been through. Although there is a long way ahead for me to completely recover, I am positive, optimistic and doing absolutely everything I can to get back to my passion and share with you my love for music,…” explaines Paul.
“In mid-June, I’m returning to do what I love doing the most and am looking forward to seeing you all again!”
We can’t wait to see you back behind the decks! Welcome back, Paul!
Read the full statement from Paul van Dyk here:

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