Wellenrausch – The Pages Of Time

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With their second artist album “The Pages Of Time” Wellenrausch deliver the highly awaited follower of “Personal Epos”.
10 brandnew tracks, packed into one tough unit, prove that Wellenrausch once again manage to keep the balance between turning the pages of time and not giving up on their identity, between not standing still and yet keeping up their unique style.
There is this clarity within electrifying tension, this softness within pure power. There is this eye-of-a-cyclone experience, this magical silence in sounds surrounding. There are these lyrics spanning up this massive mystical imagery within.
One more time Wellenrausch are underlining their credo of reinventing themselves as often as they can, making a step outside into another dimension, waiting to be discovered again and again.

Wellenrausch’s new album “The Pages Of Time” is out on the 02nd of June 2014!

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Tracklist “The Pages Of Time”
01. Hypnotize
02. Love Over Mind Over Matter
03. City In Flame
04. Dream Within A Dream
05. Rivers Deep
06. The Pages Of Time
07. As Silence Falls
08. Sending Out A Light
09. Virtual Self
10. These Moments
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