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When it’s come to rolling out the single hardware ahead of his long-anticipated third artist album (due October), Rob Stevenson’s not been shy. The “Origins” LP has already gifted us instrumental magnificence like “Polestar” and spellbinding vocal pieces including the Shannon Hurley-sung “Return To Life” & Shelley Segal’s equally mesmerizing turn on “Fall In”.
Capping August off in about the finest way imaginable, through “Into Pieces” Activa adds more instrumental context to “Origins” – and along with, another luminous example of his top-of-the-curve capabilities.
The track also sees Rob label hop – albeit briefly – from Black Hole Recordings to Pure Trance – a move that should provide the strongest sense of which direction ‘Into Pieces’ is going. For it, Activa triangulates heartfelt sub-melodies, dazzling authentically harmonies and a pitch-perfect arrangement, all of which build maximum to-the-drop anticipation. Underneath ‘Into Pieces’ rolls on an engine that – over its runtime – is torqued and primed to deliver one big peak-time moment after another.
Artist: Activa
Track: Into Pieces
Label: Pure Trance
Release Date: August 27th 2021
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