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It’s no coincidence that artistically, ‘It’s Simple’ is the swansong to follow MOSAIIK’s penultimate release, ‘Mirador’. Among the albums’ 18 pieces, there are no two that better characterize the LPs thematic range. While ‘Mirador’s powerful instrumentalism had both eyes trained on the club floor, ‘It’s Simple’ is the essence of the albums’ alternative, boundary-pushing ‘otherness’.

The frayed, almost fractured feel of its remarkable vocals, have an unmistakable Röyksopp-ian edge to them. Lamenting, plaintive and often wrought, their emotional tone is as every bit as authentic as it is breathtakingly affecting. With their studio work, the three echo that with fluttering sub-melodies, pulsating bass, redolent pianoforte, and synths that hover in the production’s midrange. Delivering its final, emotionally annihilating masterstroke, they draw on violin strings that live long in the mind … but longer still in the heart.

‘Simple’ by name, anything but by its nature, there can be no more fitting conclusion to ‘MOSAIIK’s extraordinary arc than ‘It’s Simple’.

Artist: Cosmic Gate, Andy Duguid
Track: It’s Simple
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release Date: May 05th 2023
Get your copy here: https://blackhole.lnk.to/itssimple
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