John O’Callaghan – Complex Solution

John O'Callaghan - Complex Solution
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For every one in the last five, John O’Callaghan’s been daydreaming of ‘a label year’. For a DJ/producer with an industrious gig & studio schedule, not to mention – with Key4050 – one of the most called-upon duos in trance, even a label-focussed couple of months seemed unlikely.
However for reasons requiring no further explanation 2020’s gifted him the ‘complex solution’, allowing him to connect with Subculture on a level he’s not enjoyed in close to a decade. Throwing considerable time into hunting through the hard drives of locked-down music producers has resulted in an output spike – one that’s brought track-heat from Craig Connelly, Cold Blue, Will Rees, Alan Morris, Factor B and others along with it.
Prog-minds and those of a more reclined trance inclination may wish to look away – this was never going to be one for the cooler heads. From its rapacious bass, accelerated tempo, 303 crawl and post-drop synth blaze, every element of ‘Complex Solution’s been calibrated for maximum altitude
Artist: John O’Callaghan
Track: Complex Solution
Label: SubCulture
Release Date: September 25th 2020
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