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Giuseppe Ottaviani will be our guest in our February episode of “Enter The Arena”. So we took the chance and talked with him about his music, his plans for 2014 and his new label “Go on Air Records”! Enjoy the reading! 😉
TranceAttack: 2013 was all around “Magenta”, your 2nd artist album. On which projects you want to focus in 2014?
Giuseppe Ottaviani:
Since Magenta did incredibly well last year, we are still pushing and releasing singles off the album. The new one is called ‘Heal This Empty Heart feat Alana Aldea’ and it includes a John O’Callaghan remix, Alex Wackii remix, Walsh & McAuley remix and Zetandel Chill Our mix plus the original extended version. The full release will be out on February 10th via Black Hole Recordings. We also have a surprise regarding Magenta which I can’t tell you at the moment but keep an eye on
2014 it looks like it’s going to be epic in many ways: I’m continuously expanding my radio show called GOONAIR on and I’ve finally launched my very first recording label called of course GOONAIR Recordings.

Giuseppe's new label "Go on Air Records"

Giuseppe’s new label “Go on Air Records”

Later on the year I will also start working on the new GOONAIR 2 compilation. There is a lot of work to do this year but this is what makes me incredibly excited.
TranceAttack: 2014 has just begun. Let’s take some time to look back. What where your personal highlights in 2013 next to your release of “Magenta”?
Giuseppe Ottaviani:
Well, beside Magenta and all the great shows I’ve played around it I’m really proud of my contribution for Solarstone Pure Trance 2 compilation which has been released in October. We both worked very hard to make this compilation unique and I totally loved the result. Just after that I have to admit my Stereosonic tour in Australia it’s been the best gig experience of the year.
TranceAttack: You have become an important part of Solarstone “Pure Trance” brand and mixed also on CD of the “Pure Trance Vol. 2”. Are there already news about the future with you and “Pure Trance”?
Pure Trance Vol. 2

Pure Trance Vol. 2

Giuseppe Ottaviani:
We’ll keep touring together for Pure Trance also in 2014 and my first date will be in Chicago on February 22nd I personally love the concept and the music even if I have a slightly different approach to the Pure Trance sound I find this combo with Rich to be an extremely good match.
TranceAttack: You started to make music in a time where producing music happened in a studio mostly with hardware. How has the technical evolution changed your way to make music?
Giuseppe Ottaviani:
I’m still completely hardware although I use some software. It’s inevitable, the technology evolved a lot since the analog and midi era and I can’t be blind. I think the way for me is to get the most and the best out of both worlds. Each one of those have their pro and con, I’m just trying to match the “pro” of the digital with the “pro “ of the analog…..and so far so good J
TranceAttack: You are travelling all around the world. Is there a place for you with the most inspiration (country / city)? Where could you deejaying and producing connect in it’s best way? And why exactly?
Giuseppe Ottaviani:
For some reason I love when I tour in Australia. You play at great shows and then you have lots of days off to make music in your hotel room. I know it sounds like…why don’t you get out the room and visit the city? But for some reason I’m really inspired there and I prefer to let the ideas getting out of my head.
A bit more generally speaking I’m really inspired every time I fly back home from a show, no matter the place and the country. Having fresh memories of the night before really helps me making music, so I usually work on my laptop on the way back from a show.
TranceAttack: Looking back on a more than 12 years long career as Producer, Live Act and DJ. What is your opinion on the future of the EDM?
Giuseppe Ottaviani:
I think it will just get better and better, no matter the specific genre, in some way we all are a big family and the fact that electronic music is generally growing so fast and so big all around the world is a good sign for a very bright future.
Let’s make another interview in 12 years and I’ll give you a more specific answer! 🙂
TranceAttack: Thanks for the interview and we wish you all the best for the future!
Join Giuseppe Ottaviani here:
Enter The Arena 24 with Giuseppe will be online on 22.02.2014

Enter The Arena 24 with Giuseppe will be online on 22.02.2014

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