Andrew Bayer – Celestial

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A spine-tingling piano led production, sees Andrew return to his melodic roots; an emotive composition that explores his love for slow burning progressive records. “Celestial” is the second part of Andrew Bayer’s “Anamnesis Trilogy” and follows “Nobody Told Me”.
Releasing a track every month from October through to the end of the year, Andrew Bayer’s ‘Anamnesis Trilogy’ is a return to the classics… reimagining past inspirations from trance and progressive’s golden eras and bringing them up to date with a 2015 twist in Bayer’s unique, inimitable style. Far from simple pastiches, though, they blend a timeless, lost sensibility with typically forward-thinking production and curveball twists.
Andrew Bayer about: “The Anamnesis Trilogy is all about reviving, reinterpreting and reimagining what I feel are classic – and lost – messages and motifs in trance and progressive. In this EDM-era, big room music has become obsessed with high impact, instant gratification and, to be honest, absolutely uninspiring and boring arrangements. I was listening back over my favourite trance and progressive records, and remembering when dance music was about a sense of journey and progression. Records where there was more than just a breakdown and Bro-DM drops… records where you sometimes moved across what felt like three different – and equally mind-expanding – records just to get the REAL moment in the track. The three records in the Anamnesis Trilogy are all inspired by this sensibility and era, but 2015 Bayer style.”
Artist: Andrew Bayer
Track: Celestial
Label: Anjunabeats
Release Date: November 06th 2015
Connect with Andrew Bayer:
Connect with Anjunabeats:
Take a listen to Andrew Bayer – Celestial here:

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