Andrew Rayel – Moments

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Unstoppable. Ferocious. Magical. The live DJ-performances of Andrew Rayel are an art form and all the world’s a stage. Rayel’s ever-expanding legions of admirers have been clamoring for his next full-length studio album since 2014’s Find Your Harmony. After a three year period of nonstop touring and stints of intense focus in the recording studio, Rayel is ready to release his second studio album “Moments”!
From the angelic vocals of Emma Hewitt (“My Reflection”) and Christina Novelli (“Lighthouse”) to the swirling thrust of Max Vangeli (“Heavy Love”) and KhoMha (“All Systems Down”), Rayel harnesses his music’s forward propulsion to get at the core of emotion that ties this album together. Add vocal contributions from Johnathan Mendelsohn (“Forgiven”, “Home”) and Eric Lumiere (“I’ll Be There”) and the album is as well-suited for singing along to as it is for dancing. The first single from the album is “I’ll Be There” featuring Eric Lumiere, a piano-laden number with reverberating bassline and a bouncy beat that drives the song forward.
Andrew Rayel’s second artist album “Moments” is out on the 05th of May 2017!
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Tracklist “Moments”:
01. Andrew Rayel – Moments
02. Andrew Rayel feat. Eric Lumiere – I’ll Be There
03. Andrew Rayel & KhoMha – All Systems Down
04. Andrew Rayel & ATB – Connected
05. Andrew Rayel feat, Kristina Antuna – Once In A Lifetime Love
06. Andrew Rayel feat. Emma Hewitt – My Reflection
07. Andrew Rayel feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Forgiven
08. Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli feat. Kye – Heavy Love
09. Andrew Rayel feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Home
10. Andrew Rayel & Jochen Miller feat. Hansen Thomas – Take It All
11. Andrew Rayel – Let It Be Forever
12. Andrew Rayel feat. Mike James – Back To The Moment
13. Andrew Rayel & Christina Novelli – Lighthouse
14. Andrew Rayel feat. Angelika Vee – Never Let Me Go
15. Andrew Rayel – Tacadum
16. Andrew Rayel with Digital X & Geert Huinink feat. Sylvia Tosun – Winterburn


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