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Collaborations between artists, remixers, and even singers and artists are not uncommon, but when it comes to singers collaborating with each other, it’s a rarity that deserves our attention. The intricacies involved in such partnerships are well-known, as they require a delicate creative balance. In the case of Christina Novelli and Sarah de Warren, their collaboration shines through because of their deep understanding of each other’s methods.

After concluding her ‘Heavy EP’ with the dancefloor anthem ‘Memories,’ Christina Novelli is back in action. Teaming up with the talented ‘Monster’ singer/songwriter Sarah de Warren, they are set to tug at the heartstrings of listeners this September with their latest release, ‘Leaving Me.’

Words, meanings, sentiments, and feelings are among the most personal aspects of our lives. However, ‘Leaving Me’ touches upon a theme that resonates with many, creating a shared experience. The allure of hearing two of clubland’s most recognizable voices harmonize verse-for-verse and line-for-line in this song is truly captivating. Yet, it reaches its peak when they join forces on the soaring-yet-searing chorus, delivering a powerful and emotionally charged musical experience that is bound to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

Artist: Christina Novelli, Sarah de Warren
Track: Leaving Me
Label: Muse Music Records
Release Date: September 01st 2023
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