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Hello trance lovers! The second release on Oxidised is a collaboration between Nitrous Oxide and his good friend Adam Stodtko. They both started to produce trance music around the year 2004, when together with few other talented guys from Poland like Sundriver, Adam Nickey, Underwater, Paul Vangee, or Andre Glensk, they built a core of trance scene in their country.
After many years of absence, Adam Stodtko finally decided to go back to music production. After showing some of his ideas to Nitrous Oxide they quickly decided to work on a track together. The result is a “Reborn”, euphoric “old styled” bomb that will hit you with emotional melody and energetic bassline. Try it out on a huge sound system and trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
Artist: Nitrous Oxide, Adam Stodtko
Track: Reborn
Label: Oxidised
Release Date: August 18th 2021
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