Protoculture – Versiform Part 1

Protoculture - Versiform Part 1
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Making music is about more than just creating monumental records or floor-cracking speaker busters. As much as any other art form, it’s about growth, about sonic evolution, about wanting to push the envelope for the sake of creative freedom. To change and to adapt is to become better, and that’s exactly the notion South Africa’s leading DJ/producer Protoculture has taken to heart in part one of his fifth artist album: “Versiform”.
Helmed by breathtaking records such as “The Descent” – a top favorite to Armin van Buuren himself – “Secret Weapon” together Sue McLaren and “Thirty Three South”, “Versiform Part One” makes clear in no uncertain terms that Protoculture hasn’t sit still in the studio. Throughoutthe nine-piece album and the shimmering Vocal Trance cuts and instrumental monster tunesit harbors, he centersan amazing new side to his production skill that’s bound to appeal to the Trance crowd in exciting ways. Armed with a freshly developed sound and new meansof exploring the dance music realm’ suncharted territories, he shows to everyone out there that progress is power.
While Part 1 of “Versiform” encompasses Protoculture’s melodic and more gentle, progressive productions of the last year or so, part two sticks to the theme by shifting styles and delving intosomething different. As it stands now, “Versiform Part 2” focusses on the underground side of things, and will therefore prove a little tougher and darker.
Protoculture: “I’ve always been a bit of a shapeshifter in the studio, so when we were brainstorming for possible album titlesand stumbled on to “Versiform”, we knew it would fit splendidly. As for explaining the difference between part one and part two, I’ve been producing a ton of music for both my Protoculture moniker and Shadow Chronicles project, which means I’ve been working on a lot of different styles. I thought it made sense to split the album in two parts to allow for a cohesive selection of tracks in both partsin terms of style and sound.”
Protoculture’s fifth studio album “Versiform Part 1” is out on July 06th 2018 via Armada Music!
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Tracklist “Versiform Part 1”:
01. Protoculture – Leaving Earth
02. Protoculture & Sue McLaren – Superhuman
03. Protoculture – Sanctuary
04. Protoculture – Valley of the Red Gods
05. Protoculture – The Descent
06. Protoculture & Sue McLaren – Secret Weapon
07. Protoculture – Pale Blue Dot
08. Protoculture – Saisei
09. Protoculture – Thirty Three South

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