Sound Quelle – Iridescent

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Sound Quelle, one of the most prolific and decorated contributors to the outstanding label Silk Music, treats us to “Iridescent,” his transcendent debut artist album. An artist whose compositional gifts traverse the electronic dance music spectrum, he is perhaps best known for his trance & progressive works, thanks to consistent radio support from Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond in recent years. Yet, on Silk Music, the Russian phenom has carved his niche exploring deeper sonic terrain, and it is from that wellspring that his new “Iridescent” LP has blossomed.
Consisting of a dozen mesmerizing tunes, the album evinces a strong world music influence, as the various deep and progressive-flavored cuts are imbued with hints of the exotic, including the frequent use of quasi-ethnic motifs. The album also showcases two new collaborations with Canadian singer-songwriter and recent muse Brandon Mignacca, whose achingly beautiful vocal stylings perfectly complement Sound Quelle’s poignant instrumental themes. Sound Quelle’s penchant for the cinematic can be experienced vis-à-vis the album’s opening and concluding cuts, which again demonstrate his remarkable range.
Sound Quelle’s debut artist album “Iridescent” is out on May 03rd 2019 via Silk Music!
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Tracklist “Iridescent”:
01. Sound Quelle – Surla (Intro Mix)
02. Sound Quelle – Thimbu
03. Sound Quelle – Soiak
04. Sound Quelle – Boddhidharma
05. Sound Quelle feat. Brandon Mignacca – Boundless
06. Sound Quelle – Alwazarg
07. Sound Quelle – Windra
08. Sound Quelle feat. Brandon Mignacca – Iridescent
09. Sound Quelle – Clazamas
10. Sound Quelle – Mastaje
11. Sound Quelle – Izlaz
12. Sound Quelle – Endiferenza (Outro Mix)
13. Sound Quelle feat. Brandon Mignacca – Boundless (Extended Mix)
14. Sound Quelle feat. Brandon Mignacca – Iridescent (Extended Mix)
15. Sound Quelle – Mastaje (Extended Mix)

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