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What a package… on Ride Recordings come along 4 new remixes of the 2002 classic “Space Lover” from Daniele Tignino & Pat Legato under the project aliasThe Spacelovers. Included are mixes from Myon & Mitiska, Genix, Maywave and Mangal Suvarnan!
Artist: Myon, Mitiska, Genix, Mangal, Maywave, Daniele Tignino
Title: Space Lover (2019 Remixes)
Label: Ride Recordings
Release Date: March 08th 2019
Beatport: https://ride.choons.at/spacelover
Tracklist “Space Lover Remixes”:
1. Myon & Mitiska Tales From Another World Extended Mix
2. Genix Remix
3. Mangal Suvarnan Remix
4. Maywave Remix
5. Maywave Dub
6. Remastered
7. Extended Mix Remastered
8. Daniele Tignino Space Dark Mix Remastered
Lyrics “Space Lover”
Spacelover, Spacelover
Across the space, around the stars
I found the earth, to meet you there
I take you with me, tripm to the moon
One breath the sky, just me and you
Desire in the eyes, the touch in the heart
I will make it real, for nothing is real
Anymore, Anymore, Anymore
Spacelover, Spacelover
Spacelover you ask
I tell you once, set free your fears
Free like the wind, eternal threats
The countdown stars, relax don’t move
The pilot’s me, the trys you hard
Desire in my eyes, you touch in my heart
The bluer make it real, for love in my dream
Anymore, Anymore
Spacelovers, Spacelovers, Spacelovers, Spacelovers, Spacelovers
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