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We had the chance to talk with Sam Jones about his music, his mix-compilation together with Jordan Suckley “Damaged Records (Red Alert Back 2 Back)” and much more! Enjoy reading! 😉
TranceAttack: 2015 was a very successful year for you. What was your personal highlight?
Thank you very much. Personal highlight, hard to pick just one. Getting signed to PFAgency and getting to number 1 with “Charlie Charlie” I would say.
TranceAttack: You got two number one slammers in 2015 (“Hijacker” together with Jordan Suckley and “Charlie Charlie”). Is this boon and bane, that everbody has the expectation to reach this goal again and again?
I am just going to continue doing what I have been doing and make music for the dancelfoor. When I am making a track I am not making what I think a number 1 will sound like or thinking about climbing up the charts. I will just continue making what I feel is good music and hopefully it is received well. 🙂
TranceAttack: You’ve mixed your part of the last Damaged Records Compilation “Damaged Red Alert” B2B with Jordan Suckley. What was your intension by creating your part of the compilation?
We both picked a load of tracks that we considered for use and then just had a mix of a few tracks each and then went back and fourth.
TranceAttack: Many people see in you one of the biggest Talents in the scene. How do you manage this pressure or is this no problem for you?
That’s brilliant to hear that people think that of my music. I think I can work well under pressure, but I do not see it as pressure. I will continue on working at my own pace and trying new things with every track.
TranceAttack: Do you have specific idols in the scene or do you want to go your own way?
Yes of course. When I was starting out as a DJ I looked up to Eddie Halliwell a lot for his technical skill, I was a big fan of Scot Project as well which has probably had a big influence on my productions. I also always looked up to people like Bryan Kearney, Jordan Suckley, Simon Patterson… the list goes on. 🙂
TranceAttack: If you have the totally free choice, is there an artist you’re bursting to work with? What project would it be and why?
I have always wanted to work with Simon Patterson. He has been a big inspiration on my music and his attention to detail and ability to bring new and fresh ideas to the table has always peaked my interest.
Sam Jones
TranceAttack: How do you prepare your sets? Do you have a couple of tracks you always play or do you prepare every set in a different way?
It depends on the gig I suppose. But then I will always pretty much do what I want and play exactly what I want. I never play a track just because it’s big or well known. I always make sure that I love every track that I play. I always make my own edits and re-rubs etc. specifically for my sets and my sets only. But yeah I do always have a select of a few tracks that I would like to play depending on that time etc. and then just change it up as I go on. 🙂
TranceAttack: You just returned from an gig in Melbourne. We expect to see and hear in 2016 around the world. Any fixed dates we should mark in our calendar?
Well, for January I will be playing for Kearnage @ Rong, Manchester alongside Bryan Kearney and Alex Di Stefano. In February I will be returning to Scotland to play for Euphoric Nights In Dundee and I then heading to Amsterdam not long after to play at Luminosity Trance Gathering. I am extremely excited to be playing at the big one Luminosity Beach Festival as well!
TranceAttack: Are you more into producing new music or more into playing amazing sets on festivals?
To be honest I find both of them come hand in hand. I feel that they are both under one umbrella. You can’t have one without the other and I enjoy them both equally but for different reasons.
TranceAttack: What are your hobbies beside the music? Your hometown Swansea does have a premiere league club (“the Swans”) . You got time to go to the stadium?
I wouldn’t really say I have any hobbies to be honest as I am working solidly on music most days ha. (Boring I know)
TranceAttack: Travelling the world means to be often away from home. Does your girlfriend Toni have understanding for a livestyle of an international Major DJ artist?
Yes definitely! She always tries to come to as many of my gigs as she can and she supports me in every single way possible. She wants me succeed in what I am doing and this strives me even more to work harder. She is my rock without a shadow of a doubt.
TranceAttack: Touring as a DJ can be very stressful, how do you relax and reload your power to have it back at the next gig, or to create new music or remixes?
I usually just go out for a meal with my girlfriend or a few drinks to unwind, or watch some films or something to try take my mind off music for a few days. This usually works for me for like a day or two but then it’s straight back in the studio.
TranceAttack: Other artists often find inspiration in music styles aside from electronic dance music. What about you?
100%. I listen to a lot of Drum & Bass as well which I always find inspiring as the bar is set so high in that scene. So much talent it’s frightening.
TranceAttack: What can we expect from you in 2016? More tech and psy-trance stuff like „Hijacker“, „Charlie Charlie“ or are there plans for some different things?
Of course you can expect some things that may be in a similar light, but I always try to keep rotating and keep things interesting. I have a low attention span so it would be impossible for me to just stick with one style as I would get so bored ha. I definitely have some fresh new experiments coming up. I want to test myself even more this year and push more boundaries.
TranceAttack: Do you have any advice to your fans and follower if they are thinking about becoming a DJ or electronic dance music producer?
Don’t be afraid to take risks and always be true to yourself.
Find all details for Damaged Records (Red Alert Back 2 Back) mixed by Jordan Suckley, Liquid Soul & Sam Jones here:

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