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We talked with Paul Thomas about the launch of this label “FSOE UV”, his radio show “UV Radio”, his participation in the mix-compilation “Future Sound Of Egypt 500 – The Cronicles” and much more! Enjoy reading!
TranceAttack: Hey Paul, thank you that you dropped in on TranceAttack to answer some questions for our followers. Where do just come from?
Hey! Firstly thanks for all the support on Trance Attack! I have had a weekend off which is nice as I was in America, India and South America the previous 3 weekend! It was nice to switch off. 🙂
TranceAttack: FSOE UV started breathing in July 2017. Are you happy with start and the first months?
Yeah it’s gone really well so far. If I’m honest, my biggest worry was how the trance world would react to the label. But everyone seems to be really liking what we are doing and we have already grown a great fan base already.
TranceAttack: What are the label plans for the next months?
We have some really cool music coming from Stereo Underground, Kamilo Sanclemente, Bluum plus loads of my own tracks, including a collaboration with Funkagenda. We are also doing our first UV event in Miami next week during MMW which is a great milestone for the brand.
TranceAttack: Future Sound Of Egypt celebrates #FSOE500 with “The Cronicles” compilation and you are part of it. Congrats for that! What can the listener expect from your mix?
What I tried to do is do a true reflection of my sets, going from deep progressive through to a more banging, peak time progressive sound. I like to weave through energy levels and hopefully that reflects in this mix.
TranceAttack: How did you choose the tracks for your mix?
I simply chose the tracks from which I have been playing during the 500 events. They had to fit into what I do, how I programme a set, taking in breakdowns in the right moments, vocals in the right moments.
TranceAttack: How did you come in touch with the music scene?
I started working in record shops in my hometown of Birmingham in the late 1990s. It was a great way of meeting all the people in the local music industry, as it was a great way of socialising with like-minded people in the scene. Then I sent a CD to my local club which was Godskitchen, and they booked me off the back of the CD. I played for them on the opening night of their new venue, and they took me on as their new resident off the back of that set, and that was it – I was DJing around the world for them within 3 months!
TranceAttack: Listening to your radio show and the releases of FSOE UV, it seems that sound differs between label and radio show. How do you select the tracks for both?
My radio show lets me showcase all the styles I love. Anything from deep house right through to thumping techno. I seem to love anything that has an underground flavour! I think it would be far too confusing to have the same concept with the record label. It needs to be a little more specific, otherwise the fan base would get too confused and it would be very difficult to grow a proper following from it. So instead I showcase my true musical love with the label, which is proper progressive house.
TranceAttack: How do you would describe your sound with three significant words?
Layered, harmonic, underground.
Paul Thomas
TranceAttack: Like every renowned DJ of today, you play around the world. Do you have any favourite places you always like to come back to? How do you organize your bookings?
My agent Alex organises my bookings. Our primary focus has been on working our way into the really exciting territories like North & South America, as well as the key festivals like Luminosity & Tomorrowland. One place I played earlier in the year which I absolutely loved was Argentina. I hadn’t played there in years, but I want to come back again as soon as I can. The vibe there was just incredible, such a knowledgable, beautiful crowd.
TranceAttack: We laughed a lot when we read the letter your son wrote to his school regarding his chocolate tasting expertise. Who of you nibbles more?
Haha! I definitely eat more chocolate the all of my kids put together! Although I have been better recently. Sugar is one of the worst drugs in the world! And it tastes so much better here than in the US or anywhere so it’s easier to get hooked!
TranceAttack: How important is family to your life? Is it easy to organize family beside deejaying and producing?
Family life will always be the most important thing. I think it has to be to have a stable life in this industry. I have 3 wonderful little boys and also a wonderful girlfriend and they all keep me really grounded with all the madness that goes on in my career. When I am not touring or producing, I am with them but it’s certainly not easy, that’s for sure!
TranceAttack: 2017 was a very successful year for you particularly regarding chart positions. How important is such an acknowledgement by the fans to you?
I think it’s such an important thing and something I am extremely grateful for. Some of the messages I get about my music are so wonderful and humbling. People really care about the music industry and the music we deliver, and us DJ’s and producers have a duty to deliver the best we can for them. So to see my tracks do well with the fans and my fellow DJ’s is a really satisfying thing. 🙂
TranceAttack: What are your personal plans and goals for 2018 beside label and radio show?
I really want to build the FSOE UV brand into some cool venues around the world. Miami is really exciting for me, especially doing it on the outside terrace of SQL. I don’t want to bring it to normal club venues unless it fits what we are about. I want to continue touring, bringing my progressive sound and the sound of UV to different territories around the world. And away from music, I want to run another couple of half marathons this year before thinking about a full one in 2019!
TranceAttack: What are your favourite Tracks at the moment?
The new Guy J EP on his Lost&Found label is incredible, I have some exclusive Stereo Underground, Kamilo Sanclemente and a new artist we’ve signed called Bluum, and also my remix of Space Brothers – Shine is doing the biz!
TranceAttack: Beer, wine or abstinent?
I never drink wine. I can’t stand it. I drink beer occasionally, but only if I am touring with friends like the FSOE team. I probably drink alcohol once a month maximum!
TranceAttack: Thank you for the interview and all the best for the future!

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