Josh Bailey – Jaiya

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Josh Bailey comes home to OHM Music with the beautful “Jaiya”. The trajectory of “Jaiya” takes aim at the heart’s desire and in a flash we are thrust into love’s gravitational pull. Wrapped in a cloak materialized out of a warm melodic flow we make our way to the precipice of a sultry escape. With all inhibitions fading away, we feel the passion stake claim to our every move as we fall headfirst into a breathtaking drop, power soaked and dripping in anthematic splendor. With pinpoint details coursing through every twist and turn, “Jaiya” promises to titillate our senses with a multifaceted disposition as we are swept into a tornado of deep ambition and festive euphoria!
Artist: Josh Bailey
Track: Jaiya
Label: OHM Music
Release Date: December 14th 2018
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