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Andrew Bayer’s “Parallels EP” is finally out and no one could describe the EP better than Andrew himself: “Parallels began as I explored synths, sounds, textures, and melodic motifs from my early days (even childhood) in dance music. I broke out all my old synths both analog and virtual analog, and dove back into classic sound design, wondering why I had put them down in the first place. This reconnection with my past taught me quite a few things, but most importantly: I learned to take things a bit less seriously, and not give a fuck.
I’ve always found it challenging to merge my two passions in electronic music: the dance floor, and the more heady home listening environment. That’s why I specifically decided to challenge myself further and include both sonic landscapes in one track: Parallels. It starts as a 100BPM idm-infused half time hard techno (in my eyes) track, that gradually builds to an electro-slammed full-on classic trance revival moment. This is the first time I’ve fused both sonic passions of mine into one whole piece, and I’m very sure this will not be the last!
The EP sweeps across my musical mood board of everything from hyper emotive string sections augmented by modular synth patterns, to more whimsical tuned percussive earworms. The most exciting part for me was the self-discovery of understanding that these two wildly different sides of my musical curiosity can exist in parallel with each other, harmoniously and non conflicted. I proudly present Parallels in its entirety today, and I look forward to exploring this concept even further.”

Andrew Bayer’s “Parallels EP” will be out on October 25th 2019!
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Tracklist “Parallels EP”:
01. Andrew Bayer – Parallels
02. Andrew Bayer – True Feelin’
03. Andrew Bayer – Voltage Control
04. Andrew Bayer – Bottle Top Trance