David Forbes presents Hal Stucker – Electronic Excursions

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In this day and age, for any come-lately producer looking to make their mark, a debut album must swiftly be realized. Hal Stucker however is not any producer and “day and age” – as you’ll see – plays zero part in “Electronic Excursions” reckoning. Hal has no hidden agendas. He doesn’t desire an extra foot up the career ladder, more gigs, better billing or “to blow you away” with his music’s dancefloor-filling capabilities.
Hal about the album: “Over the last 12 months, I’ve embarked on a little musical outing to try and create a body of work with depth & emotion that you could listen to anywhere. I know that could be a cliché, but it’s the truth. It’s been an absolute joy working on the album – my first body of work in 25 years of being in the music industry. It’s different, but I sincerely hope you all enjoy the album as much as I did writing it.”
Across 14 tracks, “Electronic Excursions” is a refreshing master-class in not giving a flying one about the dancefloor. That’s not to say you wouldn’t dance to it. Only that it’s not its primary spur. The same goes for other conventions. Track runtimes regularly enjoy the luxury of 8, 9 10 or in the case of “Chaos Bowl” 11+ minutes to play out their ideas, angles and sequences. Genre classifications are likewise largely redundant. Adjectives like “atmosphere”, “ether”, “mood” and “journey” play a far greater part in defining compositions like “Rubix”, “Monlith”, “Conjour” and “Chimes”. Tempos too enjoy greater-than-average bandwidth and while instrumentals are its norm, vocal interludes also exist (most notably on “Walking Over Fire” sung by Emma Gillespie and Eilidh Hadden’s “Retrace”.
Hal Stucker’s debut album “Electronic Excursions” is out on July 20th 2018!
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Tracklist “Electronic Excursions”:
01. Celeste
02. Chaos Bowl
03. Fairlights
04. Monlith
05. Conjour
06. Rubix
07. Chimes
08. Retrace
09. 123
10. Walking Over Fire
11. Colloseum
12. Disillusioned
13. Stars Bonus
14. Retrace (Sunrise Edit)

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