Hazem Beltagui – Crossings: The Settling

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It doesn’t feel like it’s been all that long since Hazem Beltagui emerged into the music world back at the beginning of the new decade. His distinct sound paired shadowy, intense electronic production with his own trancy touch harboring darkly provocative, drugged-out lyrics from talented vocal acts. By releasing many acclaimed releases that were later accumulated into a compilations from Armin van Buuren to Ministry of Sound, Hazem became one of the biggest new forces in the world of trance.
About two years ago, Abel released his debut Red Soho, We Are, which was a strong project, but it still felt like a less-enticing continuation of his projects that came before. Now, however, he returns with “Crossings: The Settling”, which is undoubtedly his biggest, most complete project yet. Although it’s technically his sophomore release, it certainly feels like his debut, and that’s because it shows his music in a more polished and widely appealing light than ever before.
In Crossings, it’s true that Hazem departs a bit from the sound that his die-hard fans have grown to love; however, in order to cement himself as a truly significant artist in a broader public sphere, “Crossings: The Settling” simply had to go through. Fortunately for him and all of his support, it did so with unquestionable success.
Crossings has many huge exclusive works that come from Aneym, Jennifer Rene, Somna, Pablo Artigas, Christina Novelli, Gai Barone, Aurosonic, Zack Shaar, NAIAN, Cressida and Biotones & Nianaro.
Hazem Beltagui – Crossings: The Settling is out on the October 12th 2015!
Download your copy on Beatport (till October 12th 2015):
Download your copy on iTunes (till October 26th 2015):
01. Fractures – Twisted (H4Z3 Crossings Mix)
02. H4z3 – American Oxygen
03. Hazem Beltagui & Gai Barone – Chemical Romance (H4Z3 Mix)
04. Hazem Beltagui – Underneath the Stars
05. Hazem Beltagui & Aurosonic – Borealis
06. Somna & Jennifer Rene – Back to Life (Hazem Beltagui Remix)
07. Hazem Beltagui & Adara – Wild Horses
08. Naian – Darth Fader
09. Cressida – Breakfast With Zeus (Mar She Remix)
10. Hazem Beltagui – Electronic Angels
11. Nianaro – When We Were Young (Biotones Remix)
12. Hazem Beltagui & Aneym – Passengers
13. DJ Jounce – Nobody Knows (feat. Christina Novelli) [Hazem Beltagui Remix]
14. Hazem Beltagui & Rebecca Louise Burch – Stay
15. Zack Shaar – Take Off
16. Pablo Artigas – Geronimo!
17. Hazem Beltagui – Home
18. Dark Sahara – Archangels
19. Dark Sahara – Nyctophilia

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