Solarstone & Robert Nickson – Voyager II

Betreff:Solarstone & Robert Nickson - Voyager II
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Solarstone’s first for 2020 also served as the overture for “3” – the Pure Trance sentinel’s most recent long-player. Given a musical affinity manifest to most, this surprisingly is also the first time Solarstone and Robert Nickson have worked directly together. Reaching out, Richard envisioned a “part 2” to his ‘Pure’-album housed “Voyager” track. “Voyager II” is the result of their first studio union… and a “result” is precisely what it is!
The track covers a swathe of trance terrain. With its heaven-sent vocal harmonies and high-end piano keys chiming off its opening synth swells, it sets out its melodic case. Richard & Robert then engage ‘Voyager II’s drive chain, gear-shifting it with driven kicks, hi-hat hiss, bass freight, acidic curl and finally, it’s unstoppably surging, ultimately sky-touching mainline.
Artist: Solarstone, Robert Nickson
Track: Voyager II
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release Date: January 10th 2020
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