Solarstone – When I Dream

Solarstone - When I Dream
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Initially written for his own lockdown-relieving fulfilment, this month “island”’s music collection becomes something for everyone. An album for those who have to dream or recall, rather than first-hand-experience that place between sea and sky this year.
Prefacing its full release, its first single “When I Dream” has arrived. The track – a confection of Ibizan inspirations – came to Solarstone, whilst he was mentally picturing past and future trips to the White Isle.
Closer ears will hear understated nods to Balearic classics throughout (Nalin & Kane’s “Beachball”, Jaco’s “Show Some Love” and even Solarstone’s own “Seven Cities” among them). Its most clear and present influence however (a sample in fact) is paradoxically the track’s least evident.
Never envisaging a release for the production (chronologically it was the first that came into being), Solarstone took stock from ‘Virtual Reality’ by cult musical provocateur/arch avant-garde-ist Momus. As the track pile that ultimately became “island” started to mount, Richard spotted a rather large hurdle ahead for “When I Dream”… In his 40-year career, Momus had yet to OK the use of a sample.
Never faint of heart however, Rich outreached, made contact and managed to secure “When I Dream” an airing with Momus. That those samples appear unaltered in its opening minutes say all that’s necessary as to what transpired.
In title & tone “When I Dream” (and indeed Momus’s “Virtual Reality”) embody the theme of the album at large: the imagined, recollected and mentally visualised island trip.
Artist: Solarstone
Track: When I Dream
Label: Black Hole Recordings
Release Date: September 14th 2020
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