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Our friends from Egypt Trance Family had a chat with Gai Barone about his music, plans about his artist album and much more! Enjoy reading!
Egypt Trance Family: Performing first time in Egypt along side such a line up, how does it feel for you?
Gai Barone:
I’m really excited about it, cause many things are changing in my life, so I’m quite curious and nervous but so excited at the same time! The only thing I can say is that I’ll do my best as I always do!
Egypt Trance Family: Is it your first time to play in a FSOE event?
Gai Barone:
Yes it is, and what I want to do is pushing deepest side of trance!
Egypt Trance Family: How do you find the trance scene now?
Gai Barone:
Not sure about that, I mean I’m trying to take trance to the deepest mood as it was back in the days and hopefully this will be the next step of my career!
Egypt Trance Family: Are you preparing something special for your set here, maybe a punch of IDs and new stuff?
Gai Barone:
I’m just finishing my new album so, definitely this will be a great floor to test some of my new ones!
Egypt Trance Family: What are your top 5 tracks at the moment?
Gai Barone:
My top 5 tracks are:
– Gai Barone – Flash
– Charlotte Petitte – Dry/Wet
– Stereo Express – NIghtfall in Marrakech
– Sarcasmo – Pressure
– Revolutionary Blocks – SH101S
Egypt Trance Family: Apart from the glare of the media attention, what else should your fans know about you?
Gai Barone:
That I’m a very normal guy with a huge passion for Music, any kind of.
Egypt Trance Family: Are there any upcoming tracks with other Djs/Producers ?
Gai Barone:
Yes it is, but I won’t reveal it, just want to keep it secret but I promise you it will be HUGE.
Egypt Trance Family: If you’re organizing an event yourselves and you could choose any where in the globe, where would that be and why?
Gai Barone:
Tough question, I’d love to bring some of the most unknown talents I usually support on Patterns at sea side, maybe in the South of Italy.
Egypt Trance Family: Do you prefer to play longer sets rather than shorter performances? And why?
Gai Barone:
Longer sets for sure, cause when I play short sets I always find myself to break a story in the middle of the most exciting part… just reading a thriller book but quit when you are about to find out the name of the killer… same feeling.
Egypt Trance Family: What skills do you think developing and established artists can learn from producing remixes of classic anthems?
Gai Barone:
There must be a lot of pressure on you to create a remix that the original composer would be happy with… Well, if a label or an original composer chooses you as a remixer he or it must trust you and above all you have to believe in yourself and your style, that’s the only thing that matters.
Egypt Trance Family: What advice would you give to the small artists looking to be like you one day?
Gai Barone:
Be yourself and create your own style… tell your stories.
Egypt Trance Family: At the end would you like to say a word for Egypt Trance Family?
Gai Barone:
I can’t wait to see you in few hours, and keep on ROCKING!!!
Egypt Trance Family: Thank you for the interview and all the best for the future!

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