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During Electronic Family, Trance Family Kuwait had the chance to catch up with Dutch trance / progressive deejays & producers Ruben De Ronde and Rodg.
Not only that Ruben and Rodg are deejays & producers of the same genre, they are also best friends and partners in crime in real life. Ruben De Ronde released his album “My Story” in January 2017 and teamed up for another album with Rodg called “Togetherr”.
They have been rocking the club and festival scenes with their unique progressive tunes and have been lightening up the stages with their energy and charisma. Trance Family Kuwait spoke about recent releases and also discovered fun facts.
Trance Family Kuwait for both: Did you start with the progressive sound or another style? Did you ever experiment with different or harder styles?
I started with hardstyle andhardcore. My first music productions were made in a DOS program called “fasttracker 2” which is a long time ago that the program was on a floppy disc. I created music for the Hardwell show and documentary “I Am Hardwell” it’s more of laid back and atmosphere music. Beside the show music, I am also making hiphop beats. You learn something from that as well.
Rodg: I started with progressive and I also made a lot of chillout tracks. I’m a big fan of harder styles. The technique is very difficult so it will be a challenge for me to experiment with it and I will definitely learn a lot from making it.
Trance Family Kuwait for both: What is your favorite recent dance music event?
100% Tomorrowland. It was our first time. It was crazy and the production was amazing. We were the first act on the stage and it got full and packed super quick. It was fantastic.
Trance Family Kuwait for both: What do you choose your track names based on?
Our phones have a whole list of track titles. We watch TV or TV shows and we could see cool names and just write it down. Sometimes if you have a vocal track, the title will be something from the vocals. For a track like “Whoop” the name came from the sound “Whoop”.
Trance Family Kuwait for both: How did you choose the name for Electronic Family anthem “BombSquadKittens”? Is it related to kittens at all?
the track title was chosen by me and it’s actually not related to kittens at all. It’s a gaming collective of players in the game “Destiny”, and I thought it’s a cool name to use for the track.
Trance Family Kuwait for Ruben: How did you like FSOE450 Luxor? And are you excited to play at the pyramids for FSOE500?
FSOE450 Luxor was beautiful and the venue was magical. And I’m very excited to play FSOE500. It will be an amazing experience to play at the pyramids.
Trance Family Kuwait to Ruben: Recently you played in Oman along with Chris Schweizer, how was the experience?
It was a very small gig with maximum 40 or 50 people and there were a couple of tourists, British women, they put a napkin on my DJ deck and asked me to play Calvin Harris! Haha. It was an interesting experience.
Trance Family Kuwait for both: Is this your first time playing Electronic Family? And how do you like it?
I played every edition of Electronic Family except for one. Really great vibes and awesome experience.
Rodg: This is my second time. First time was the Armada Stage. It definitely feels great to play the mainstage this year because it’s the first 2 hours. The sun was out and the people were walking in and you could be a little bit more experimental.
Trance Family Kuwait for both: What do you like and hate the most?
I like to have a good time with friends and family, and I hate when people are not honest with me.
Ruben: I like to live life positively and have a lot of fun, and I also hate dishonest people. This happens a lot in this industry unfortunately. People are nice to your face and talk bad behind your back! So we try to focus more on the positive things.
Trance Family Kuwait for both: What do you do if you’re not in the studio?
Honestly there’s not much time for hobbies. We like to travel and see amazing places in the world and we can combine that with making music. We feel very fortunate to be able to do that.
Trance Family Kuwait for both: Cats or Dogs?
CATS! (Wohooo!)
Trance Family Kuwait for both: Your favorite quote?
If you can dream it, you can do it.
Ruben: live life to the fullest.
Trance Family Kuwait for both: Your favorite color?
I thought about it when I was 6 and never thought about it again but maybe it’s blue.
Ruben: Baby blue.
Trance Family Kuwait would like to thank Ruben and Rodg for their time and hope to see them again soon!
Check all details about Ruben and Rodg’s album “Togetherr” here:

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